Putting People First

Big Money is too powerful in our politics. The incumbent, Anthony Brown, takes donations from super PACs and has traded an endorsement for funding. As your Congresswoman, I will fight for campaign finance reform. The Citizen’s United v. FEC court case has made corporations too powerful in politics. Mine is a grassroots campaign, by the People and for the People!

Criminal Justice Reform

The American justice system has wreaked havoc on Black Americans for generations. We need to legalize marijuana at the federal level, expunge criminal records, and otherwise work to undo the damage of the War on Drugs upon our communities. Fighting crime only comes by fighting the root causes of poverty, not with incarceration-first policies. Anne Arundel County is currently debating whether police officers should wear body cameras. This is a necessity for ending police brutality in our district!

Affordable Healthcare & Prescription Drugs

Healthcare and medicine costs are spiraling out of control. Medicare-For-All is a national fix. Lower premiums, cheaper prescriptions, and guaranteed access to care are human rights that I will fight for in Congress. The Affordable Care Act was a vital first step and we should honor Obama’s greatest legacy by expanding healthcare access.

Women’s and LGBTQ+ Rights

The current attack on Roe v. Wade is simply unacceptable. I firmly believe that every person should have control over their own bodies. The queer community has my support and I will advocate for legislation that promotes thorough health care, gender-inclusive restrooms, and the protection of LGBTQ+ people. Trans women of color are the most frequent victims of homicide in this country. That is despicable and fixable. Furthermore, through policies that support pregnant people and require employers to publicly list salaries and anti-discrimination legislation, we can reduce and eventually do away with the wage gap that leaves women, trans folk, and people of color behind. As a previous attorney, I am aware of how the justice system often discredits victims of sexual assault. That is unacceptable and should be treated as such by our leaders.

Immigration Reform

I am an ally to immigrant families and will support immigration reform that eases the process for migrants to join our country without fear. I will fight for to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency that deals in separating families and mistreating children. Donald Trump’s vicious, racist attacks on immigrants through rhetoric and policy have been extraordinarily cruel. Fear-mongering isn’t a tactic I believe in and certainly not one I will ever use.

Maternal Health

The disparities of maternal health in this country are a national tragedy. As your Congresswoman, I will aid the Black Maternity Caucus in passing legislation to make life safer for Black women and Black children in the United States.

Quality, Affordable Childcare

Childcare is a tremendous cost to young families. In Congress, I will support legislation to lower childcare costs for all families. Strong families build strong communities. It’s that simple.

Minimizing Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is an enormous burden on younger generations. This burden prevents our youth from opening businesses, starting families, and accruing wealth. I support reductions in student loan debt by capping the interest rate to 1.5% and implementing free higher education for HBCUs and state colleges that serve underrepresented students.

Education Reform

Our schools are overcrowded, our teachers are underpaid, and our students don’t get the time and attention they need to thrive in an educational environment. I will champion higher wages for teachers and more money to support school construction and after-school programs. Our children are the legacy we leave behind; we must give them opportunities through a well-rounded education.

Combating Climate Change

Climate change is an existential threat for humanity and we must fight it proactively, or the consequences will be dire. I support the Green New Deal and pushing our society to be 100% renewable. Sustainability is no longer an option and must become a key part of every aspect of society. This means reducing single-use plastic, maintaining our beautiful Chesapeake Bay, regulating pollution, pushing green energy, and mandating businesses to do their part. Future generations depend on us!

Gun Safety

Mass shootings have become an American epidemic, yet many politicians offer only “thoughts and prayers,” rather than policy solutions. By renewing the ban on assault rifles and requiring national background checks on all firearm purchases, we can save lives and end this epidemic of mass murder. I support the March for Our Lives organization!

Congressional Oversight

This President has proven himself to be a blatant criminal with no integrity and no values. His unethical dealings with foreign governments and violation of federal anti-corruption statutes are a disgrace. His behavior warrants a federal investigation and impeachment proceedings should begin if warranted. I will aid in this investigation and support impeachment based on the evidence presented.